About Us

ProMISE Service, was founded in 1994 by a group of highly qualified computer and communication engineers who played a major role in the introduction of client-server solutions based on SUN SPARC technology to the Egyptian Market. With over twenty years of experience in the Egyptian, Middle East and the American markets, we provide our customers with total solutions answering their specific industry needs.

 ProMISE Service, is an employee owned company, and considers both the expertise and the commitment of its marketing, technical support and software development teams to be the golden key to success in its line of business. Our scope of experience covers, Sun Microsystems product line, Solaris, Linex, Symantic, Oracle, and several data communication products. Our marketing and technical support staffs enjoy a distinguished level of local market awareness. 

ProMISE Service, is committed to excellence. We continue to live up to our customers' expectations, working closely with consultants, hardware & software partners. On the other hand, our System engineers team is helping local firms fulfilled their localization needs in order to enhance customer acceptance of SUN SPARC-based localized solutions.