·       Strategic Planning — enables the IT management team to define the core initiatives and apply these requirements against the Business Needs to define the short and long term IT Strategic Plan

·       Gap Analysis — generates a report of the compiled information to determine those areas with the immediate greatest need for improvement, upgrade and/or replacement.

·       Functionality Requirements —enables the end users to differentiate between what they need, want and desire from their automated solutions, as well as weight these items in terms of importance, significance, and financially

·       Current System Evaluation — enables the end users to rate their current systems (both automated and manual) against the Business Needs and industry standards.

Our IT consulting practice covers many services, including:

·       Cloud (public, private, hybrid)

·       Workstation and Server Support

·       Performance Tuning

·       Capacity Planning

·       O/S & Application Installs

·       Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity

·       Platform Migration

·       Storage Migration

·       System Resource Management

·       Virtualization